DJ Vasile RTS.FM Bucharest Lab

Luni, 1 Decembrie, de ziua României, DJ Vasile pune muzică pentru tine la RTS.FM

DJ Vasile is one of the pioneers of Romanian electronic music. He started selecting music shortly after the ’89 revolution, a time of change for Romania. He hosted the first radio show of underground music on a national post. He has been part of a variety of projects ever since, having the role of producer, DJ, host. His productions have been mixed by famous DJs, such as Rhadoo and many other. DJ Vasile is starting RTS.FM Bucharest Lab, a series of experimental, ambiental and underground electronic music, on December 1st, the National Day of Romania.

Vj: vloop

Livestream event @ 20:00:

feeder insider w/ DJ Vasile


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