w. BOg @ Studio Zabłocie (Kraków, Poland)

  • by w. BOg @ Studio Zabłocie (Kraków, Poland)
28 noiembrie

The idea behind is to transport its participants to some truly secret and unique places, far from the classic club scene. This is exactly what you’ll find in Studio Zabłocie, which happens to be a professional photography and film studio. It’s a place that is ideally suited for the arrangement and full utilization of the space provided. This particular use of space and lighting will help thrust the participant into a completely new place, far from all that is known.

Line Up:

BOG (Bedrock,Crosstown Rebels,Burn Residncy 2014)
Sincz (We Are Your Music Mate , Burn Residency 2014)
Freak Slaughter ( Voxonox Records )
Simon Mattson
Adam Bekett


ul. Romanowicza 2

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