Tango – Dark Prisma Records Label Party @ Fusion Arena

Tango – Dark Prisma Records Label Party @ Fusion Arena
22 noiembrie, 22:00

TrensDens presents:  TANGO [Dark Prisma Records Label Party: the Romanian Night]

Quantum Mechanica (Dark Prisma Records, Argentina //https://soundcloud.com/quantum-mechanica)
Will O Wisp (Dark Prisma Records, Argentina https://soundcloud.com/will-o-wisp)
Glosolalia (Dark Prisma Records, Argentina https://soundcloud.com/dark-prisma-records/glosolalia-motion-of-celestial-objects)

Oracol (Romania, Bucuresti)
Mano (Romania, Cluj-Napoca)

Dress code
Deco : NomadiCortex https://www.facebook.com/spectralleyes

Suport : 25 lei > 00.00 > 30 lei

check also goabase link: https://www.goabase.net/tango-dark-prisma-records-label-party-bucharest/82001
+ other info coming soon

[En] TANGO (latin verb tanguere, to touch) is the mysterious touch of love, passion and twisted feelings that merge one’s soul into a deep out of mind, passionate and life exploding state of being experience.
TANGO’s spirit will arrive in Bucharest, carried by the deep powerful psychedelic sound of the Buenos Aires duo Quantum Mechanica ( Will O Wisp & Glosolalia ). The dancing story will also be accompanied by two local passionate djs Oracol and Mano.
Let’s celebrate this dancing story with love passion and emphaty. Let’s TANGO! ツ

[Ro] TANGOul (din latinescul tanguere, a atinge) este atingerea magica a iubirii, cu toata explozia de senzatii pe care o genereaza, care atrage sufletul intr-o experienta efervescenta, dincolo de minte, chiar in inima fiintei.
Spiritul Tangoului va ajunge la Bucuresti prin sunetul profund si puternic al duo-ului argentinian Quantum Mechanica (Will O Wisp & Glosolalia). Povestea acestui dans va fi acompaniata de doi pasionati (si pasionali 🙂 artisti locali, Oracol si Mano.
Sa celebram deci impreuna magia dansului, lasandu-ne sa traim deplin pasiunea si forta iubirii. Ne vedem la TANGO! ツ

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