Cymatic with // Davy // Tulbure // Cezar @ Cymatic London

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Cymatic with // Davy // Tulbure // Cezar @ Cymatic London
14 noiembrie, 22:00

With the summer being over now it feels like sun is hiding most of the time. It was a great summer in London, that’s for sure!

Our last encounter was beautiful, thank you everyone. Now it’s time for our next event, and the 14th of november is the date we will meet again, with a line up to get you dancing once more. This event will be under a small roof, with closed doors – we want to have a special night with you, in a cozy and intimate venue.

We invited some old friends around – they have all been behind our booth before…

Cezar is an amazing artist and a good friend of ours. He is an inspiring producer and a truly influential industry figure. Already an established producer that bonds the new and old with incredible accuracy, making his sets seminal and energetic, Choosing between techno, minimal, house or the vibe he feels from the people in front of him. He founded together with Praslea and Kozo the Understand label, one of the building bricks of “our own”
agency. With a release called – Din gand in cand – (a while ago), Cezar is now back with a double EP called Om Vedea (we will see), which by itself can be seen as an album. With 4 tracks that have their own individual life yet is a creation of the same source. There is so much to talk about this amazing man but lets just sit back and listen..

Matei Tulbure is once again back with us. For those who of you who saw him either at the main event or the after party – you know the damage he can do! He is one half of TC Studio, and he’s name is now on everyones lips. Their production team is responsible for releases on labels such as Archipel, Be Chosen or All In, and their tracks are played by almost anyone with a house agenda. His greatest inspiration comes from artists like Lars von Trier, Tarkovsky or Kubrick, but John Cage, Thomas Brinkmann or Moritz von Oswald have also an important role in his sonic upbringing. As much as he likes to work in the studio with his partner in crime Traian, he also likes to party. His sets are smooth and hypnotic, carefully built to ensure a proper night out. Matei is not one to make compromises when it comes to the music he plays. That’s why he is back in town.

Our resident Davy will join behind the booth once again, opening the night with great style. His musical journey through the years has inspired him to blend different styles in electronic music together, both old and new, making his sets forward thinking and hypnotic, always driven by the vibe of the moment. Davy has been fully focusing on Dj’ing lately and you will see him playing more solo sets in the future. In October he is celebrating the 6th anniversary of his party Down Under in Belgium, sharing the decks with Onur Ozer and Binh at Belgians no. 1 club Fuse in Brussels.

This being said , we remind you this will be a private event, with no tickets on the door. Watch out for early birds going on sale 15th Oct.

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