Fetishista @ tba

Fetishista @ tba
31 octombrie, 22:30

Derived from the Portuguese word feitico, “fetish” means an obsessive fascination and implies an artistically created artefact, an object believed to have a magical meaning, a love token. An erotic icon.

Everyone has a physical feature that they’re more attracted to, like a smile or the shape of a woman’s hips or may even find hats more arousing than stockings. So many delightful varieties.

When extracting the object of desire with crystal scissors from its ordinary context, we give it the input to transform. Thus, we welcome the hybrids born from the collective imagery of the participants. An uncontained biomystic disaster that is still deeply subjective.

Girls don’t just wanna have fun, they want you to accept a challenge in which you can educate your senses and relax your sexual energy. We are for fetishisation, a strategy that productively undermines the rigid matrix of socially accepted sexuality.

This is not a Halloween party, although fetish dress code is highly recommended.
black clothes only.
This is a private event, invite only people you would share your fetish with.
NO photos allowed.

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