Feeder Jukebox #04 – Mothica

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Well hi there! Jukebox™ is back! The most freshest possible curated selection ever (lol) today encompasses some of Mothica’s work but you’ll be able to find out a bit about who she is and what she does after the hyperspace jump… >

First of all she is an artist. And a musician. Or wait.. first of all she’s a musician. And an artist. Her name is McKenzie Ellis, she’s from Oklahoma City and now she lives in Brooklyn, New York where she studies web design and computer programming at the Pratt Institute.

You can find her design game is pretty strong 🙂

Being a pisces native her vocal lines and melodic structures are pretty damn fluid, which liquidity is quite enhancing her music’s feel but she’s also maintaining an underground touch to all that, bearing influences from a suite of various styles. Her music is real, totally reflecting her state of mind. I’m saying that in connection to the increasing number of chicks carbon copying music that is out of their league and even names too, well not this time, cause this time is for real. So by the way…

Your clicks should go to:
Mothica SC
Mothica FB

Yours kindly but not truly…

Jukebox™ Curator
Eusebiø Digital ✈

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