Captain Midnight’s “Feel The Heat” @ Eden

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Captain Midnight’s “Feel The Heat” @ Eden
18 octombrie, 23:00

Ever felt like you want to spend your night out both knowing and not knowing what to expect yet confident by the end of it you’ll that you’ll have a wonderful time?
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Captain Midnight is here to improve your nights out. He turns good music into a great party, he’s fun and quirky, he’ll sway you, he’ll mesmerize you, he’ll even be your workout coach at times.
Captain Midnight feels great*.
Captain Midnight is here to stay

Vol.1 – “Feel The Heat” is brought to you by the Origami Sound institution of electronic music and Club EDEN.

First one’s free so grab your buddies, schedule your dates and come meet him. Heck, you can even lie about going someplace else and end up in here, he won’t tell**.

* Captain Midnight is fun-loving, optimistic and a world class foodie.
** Captain Midnight is outstanding at keeping secrets.

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