Mystery party @ Fusion Arena

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Mystery party @ Fusion Arena
26 septembrie, 22:00

We gather here in this time to celebrate the wonders of life with two stages for a blend of Psy and Techno artists.
Life is a Mystery: Reality Speaks
Life is a gift. It’s just a wink of an eye if one thinks of eternity. Let us ponder everyday as if it’s the last day of our lives and DANCE!
For this, we invited two brothers from Greece along with six other local thracians to play wonderful music for this night of mystery.

Also we bring 20 words that stand at the beginning of language and are part of our civilization history and we are using them for more then 2000 year.May the words and truth be with us .

idea, logic, philosophy, politics, method, theory, engineering, energy, analysis, system, mystery, measure
symbol, phrase, music, melody, dialogue, ethics, rhythm, harmony

PSY line up:

Natural Voice [Greece/ATH] ::: Psytrance
[I know in general the theory behind the electronic music, psycho acoustics, brain waves and resonance from sound, my intention of creations is for inspiration, healing visions, creativity and self expression.]

Darkology [Romania/BUC] ::: NightFullOn
[Darkology project came up as concept a few years ago, somewhere around 2008, when he first meet Psychedelic and Goa sounds, he was impressed by projects and artists like Astral Projection, 1200 Mics, Goa Gil, Archaic, Ajja…
Trough these years he played in cities like Bucharest, Brasov, Timisoara, Iasi, Cluj, Piatra Neamt for numerous times and also at a few outdoor parties and annual festivals like Waha and Transylvania Calling.

Soma [Greece/SAMO] ::: Darkpsy

[Stoned morning dream memories in the real world of the dancing universe.]

Planul [Romania/BV] ::: Forest
[There is a special delta wave which appears during the very deep sleep or meditation. It is believed that it brings you to the deepest level of your consciousness where it meets the sub-consciousness. I hope that my set can bring positive messages to the sub-consciousness of the listeners.]

Vloop ::: Visual Artist

Techno line up:

Morii [Romania/PL]

Brad [Romania/BV]

Double Gum [Romania/BV]

Marius Iorga [Romania/BV]

Bring with you :
Good vibe
Best friends
More good vibes 🙂

Audio&Visual Experience
The psychedelic experience will be powered by a surprise sound system! 😉
The techno sound will be blasted from a 4000 watts brand new sound system pushing the boundaries for a night to remember!
Log in: 20 RON

Amazing UV Art decoration by : Ffransis Morgan

Sun Moons String art and UV Lights

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