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If you don’t know Ioana Pârlog as Miss I, you might have heard about her projects, the Groove On radio and the record store Misbits. Miss I’s passion for music began early on in her childhood along with her father’s records and piano lessons, continuing and materializing in 9 years full of parties, radio projects and an impressive collection of vinyls. Her sets are an incursion through different genres, from jazz to techno, consistently harmonious and balanced, full of soul and warmth. We’re happy to present this week’s feeder insider, featuring Miss I.

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Hello, Miss I!

This is what feeder would like to know about you:

(please, fill in the blanks)

I want to be a dj that’s…smiling.
I feel best when…I’m on a water cushion on the sea.
Compared to other mediums, vinyl is more…clean.
One of my favorite places is…Berlin, at the rocking chairs.
Some of the things I like about Bucharest…green grass, walks with the bike on the new tracks.
If I weren’t making music, I would’ve probably chosen…architecture.
It always came easy to me to…frolic.
One of my wishes for the future is…to travel.
On stage, I feel…in 9th heaven.
3 vinyls I love re-listening anytime…

Joss Moog – Room 26

Round Two – New Day Vocal Mix

J Antoni – Lost

AMG: Hello, Miss I, welcome! You told us how you began your musical path 9 years ago and you were influenced by your father, who had all sorts of musical materials, cassettes, pick-up, even a radio show with reggae music. What music were you listening to back then? How did your evolution ensue when it comes to the genres you explored and approached?

Miss I: Hello, good to be here. Back then pfff…so many years have passed! I used to listen to my father’s music when he wasn’t home, at that time Genius, 3 Sud EST were trending. Meanwhile, I had discovered some CDs with Sasha and Satoshi Tomie, I wasn’t quite figuring out whether I like them or not. In a short while, Satoshi Tommie came to Romania and I told my father about it, and he asked me to bring him along to the party. Of course that didn’t happen, if I think now about it I don’t know why I didn’t take him with me, I could’ve, but oh, at that age I wanted to be alone. He got mad at me about it anyway.

AMG: Last year you opened Misfits, which has an impressive collection of vinyl’s that can’t usually be found in other places in Romania, releases of both Romanian and international artists. Is there an emerging public in Bucharest, along with the development of the scene? How did you decide to open this store?

MI: Honestly, I don’t even know how this idea came around, I mean I know how it did, considering I’ve been a do for many years, buying music off the internet, I kept thinking what it would be like to have a record store here. Initially, it was just an idea, I didn’t see it as attainable, there were aspects I thought I couldn’t handle, I didn’t understand why but this project came from my heart and I got down to work right away. When I decided there really was a change, I felt like I need to do this, I didn’t speak with anyone; I channeled my energy solely on this. In half a year, Misbits was up and running 😀

AMG: How’s Groove On doing? I noticed that you had a tour throughout the country, “Romania Underground”, and in October you’ll publish all the materials and releases. How was this experience, what to expect from what’s about to come in autumn?

MI: Groove ON, the project closest to my heart! There was indeed a tour, it was a success, may I say. Everyone, from all the cities we visited, was very excited, I’m hoping that the material will be released as soon as possible because I only joined them in Piatra Neamț, this Easter.

From the 25th to the 31st of August, they’re gonna organize a creation camp in Tecșești, Alba Iulia. This is Jo.E’s heartfelt project. They found a village that’s almost abandoned, and the plan is in a few years, the place would become a live museum. Reconditioned houses from all sorts of historical periods, with traditional architecture, respectively native customs and crafts.

AMG: I’ve heard that you’re preparing to go to Maastricht this autumn, and I know you’ve been to parties abroad before, so I wanted to ask you: is there any significant difference between the Romanian and international public when it comes to receptivity and perception?

MI: On the 11th of October I’m preparing to leave for Maastricht but until then, on the 12th of September I’ll be visiting London. It’s the 4th time there 😀 I hope it’s gonna be just as fun! If not, even better.

My opinion is that the Romanian public kind of got used to Romanian music, the wave that overwhelmed the clubbers. I don’t mean it in a bad way or anything, because I also play Romanian music from time to time, but I feel like the international public is more receptive to another music. Like non-Romanian one.

AMG: And while we’re on this subject, let’s also talk about artists. You mentioned that the local electronic music, especially techno and house, has a certain style that at one point began catching up with the international artists. How would you define this style?

MI: How would I define this style…tough question. People call it Romanian techno, but honestly I can’t personally define this style. All I can say is that I realized how many Romanian sound accents were absorbed by the international artists.

AMG: Which are your favorite artists, whose music is closest to your soul, both local and from abroad? With whom would you like to throw a party?

MI: Favorite artists..mm..among the Romanian ones, Raresh is on the first place from my point of view, and when it comes to foreigners, in this musical area, there’s Zip, I think he’s the most different of them all.

AMG: You’re soon going to launch a column here, on feeder.ro, where you will promote Romanian electronic music. Can you tell us more about this, a few words in place of a sneak peek?

MI: Indeed, I’ll launch a column, I’ll promote vinyls by Romanian artists, local labels, everything involving Romanian artists and their activities regarding music. There will be events held in the store as well as events backed up by Misbits.

AMG: Along with your knowledge about music comes the diverse track selection you play in your sets. How did you create the mix for feeder? Do you have any rules of yours to abide by, any specific habit when it comes to creative work?

MI: Honestly, it’s all so creative that I don’t really prepare my sets. I make a selection so it’s not club music, but it all comes then and there.

AMG: What other things in store for 2014?

AMG: On the 12th of September I’m going to London, on the 27th of September in Bucharest, though nothing materialized yet, and on the 11th of October I’ll be Maastricht. I hope I’ll be able to organize some events at the store, but I’m going to wait a bit for the heat to pass, so we can hang out on the terrace.

AMG: Finally, please share with us a nice memory about you and music.

MI: Beautiful memories, there are a whole bunch, what comes to mind now happened in London. I played music at an after party, and the final song was Sinead O’Connor – Nothing compares 2u. 3 people cried! It was a pretty emotional moment and it made me really happy.

AMG: Thank you very much, Ioana!

MI: I thank you!

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