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feeder insider /w Golan (en)

Alex, Charlie, Mihai and Ernesto, the members of Golan, come from different backgrounds and have experimented with all sorts of musical styles. This is the main reason why their sound is a combination of electronic music with nu disco and house vibes, accompanied by a live act that’s the signature of Golan. In this week’s feeder insider, we got to know the boys better and found out more about their music, to read the interview,

Keywords: live band, melodic, teamwork, action

Hello, Golan!

This is what feeder would like to know about you:

(please, fill in the blanks…)

The sound of Golan, in a few words…a mix between digital and analogue.

I want to learn…kick boxing.

My favorite instrument is…the piano.

I find peace and quiet in…the xilophone.

In my free time, I like…not to make it free

A place in Bucharest that I love…it’s complicated to choose just one place. I grew up here, there are many places close to my heart, Bucharest has its urban jungle charm.

Through my music, I want to…entertain the audience a bit, make them forget about the troubles of the week that just ended.

Art proved to me that…it still hasn’t proved anything, we’re trying to prove it to her.

In five years,…I hope we’ll remember this interview, `cause it’s one of the first.

3 tracks just perfect to include into a playlist…

Active Child – Johnny Belinda (Matthew Dekay Remix)

High Heels Breaker – Come Easy feat. Sarah Palin (David August Remix)

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski – Last Night

Ana Moca-Grama: Hello, Golan, welcome! Your music is unique especially because you have different backgrounds. What is your past and how did you get together?

Golan: Alex played in a few bands, Mihai is a known producer on the Romanian music scene, Charlie comes from an electronic music background. The connection was possible thanks to the friendship between Charlie and Alex, and their wish to do something new. Ernesto came straight from Cuba from this project, and Mihai came later with the desire of getting involved.

AMG: The fact that you have a live band gives you the opportunity to experiment in many ways, this is the element that differentiates you and offers a certain sound. How do you manage to combine these two, how different is the studio work from the one for a live session?

G: Studio work is more complicated. The most time is consumed on it, there are many tracks that don’t get an ending for one reason or another, hours are lost, we come back to them, leave them again when the live version is more rehearsed, it could be compared to going out to a new place in as opposed to sitting in the house. We prefer action.

AMG: Speaking of instruments, which are your favorites, what did you grow up it and what do you like now? (software tools included)

G: Well, what you see on the stage is what we like, we also use Ableton and Reaper.

AMG: A band demands, amongst other things, lots of teamwork. Do you each have an assigned role? How does a Golan track come to existence and how does the creative work play out?

G: Yes, everybody has a role when it comes to consolidating the commune. There are different tasks for all of us, from management to the final live product, each of us takes care of something else. We don’t have a recipe for our production, we sometimes begin with a drum measure, other times with harmony, whatever sounds good to the ear and then to the hand. We listen to the idea and then work on top of it, each of us tries to give what’s best for the track.

AMG: By the way, you were mentioning at some point that nothing was planned with Golan, that it was done with lots of passion and happened naturally. What sound would you like to reach with Golan, and what other wishes do you have for this project? As for plans, where will you be playing music this year?

G: We too learn along the way, we’re happy for being part of this. It has become a lifestyle, if we reach 5-10 years it’s already a bonus, because it’s very hard to predict the future when it comes to this thing. For now, we enjoy every day. Golan gigs will keep happening in the capital and throughout the country, we just hope we’ll bring something new every time.

AMG: How do you think Bucharest is like when it comes to electronic music & nightlife and what changes do you think will benefit all of us, the public and the artists? Which are your favorite spots when it comes to parties?

G: I think we’re living in the period of glory, considering how things move in the city. The gates are open for all foreign artists, the people are informed and there’s a public for everything. We can’t do anything else but be happy about it.

AMG: Our website turned 10 this year. What was the role it played in your life and what would you like to see more in the future?

G: Happy www years. We’ve been familiar with the site ever since its beginning, those 4 options became, meanwhile, dozens of options, it’s a refined guide of going out and a propagator of well filter information, done by nice people.

AMG: In conclusion, tell us how things were at the shooting of your clip, in Berlin. When will you be launching it?

G: Berlin has a certain charm for two reasons: 1 – the people of Berlin and 2 – the places that make Berlin what it is, a combination that was perfect for the video of our next single. We had fun in all those parks and emblematic streets, we stayed out 10 hours per day, we worked a lot.

AMG: Thank you, big up!

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