WAHA Festival @ Brașov

WAHA Festival @ Brașov
7-10 August 2014

Anul acesta festivalul Waha va avea loc în apropiere de Brașov, locația exactă urmează să fie anunțată cu o saptămană înainte de eveniment.

Descriere organizatori:
Waha is more than a party, it’s a playground. A space where you can be who you really are, expand your consciousness and join others in learning, working together and helping each other raise our level of awareness.
We call in all free spirits and open minds, regardless of nationality, age, sex and race to join this gathering in harmony and love!

This year we will have 5 stages, enlarging our musical spectrum of expression, bringing us closer together, uniting us in dance in our diversity. Each stage will represent an element of the Universe, symbolizing balance, respect and peace between all natural forces, creating through dynamics a magical space where each of us can express, create, share, love and dance!
FirePsy Stage
AirDeep Stage
WaterHouse Stage
EarthDub/Reggae Stage
AetherChill Stage

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FIRE STAGE (FunktionOne / Want Sound?)

Airi (2to6 / Interaural / Switzerland) *live*
Aodioiboa (littleBIGsensations / Germany) *live*
Azzmatazz (Vantara Vichitra / Portugal) *live*
Barbaleku (Antiscarp / Romania)
Darkology (MFG Tribe / Romania)
Dsompa (Peak / Germany)
Fractaliceanu (Romania)
GnOhm (Medulla Oblongata / Sonic Chakras / Biijah / Denmark) *live*
Goch (Medulla Oblongata / Sonic Chakras / Macedonia) *live*
Kya (littleBIGsensations / Germany) *live*
Latam (Thrancians / Romania)
Loopus In Fabula (Fabula Recs / Italy) *live*
Lygos (Transylvaliens / Romania)
Mano (Samsara Crew/ Romania)
Oxya ( (Nightbase Music/ Greece) *live*
Pura (Serbia)
Psymania (Serbia)
Roua (Romania)
Special Blend (Antiscarp / Greece) *live*
Stigma (Greece) *live*
Subhuman (MFG Tribe/Romania)
Transhumantza (Romania)
Tudor (Rebirth / Romania)
Yara (Lycantrop / Venezuela) *live*

AIR STAGE (Clear Sound / Sleepnot! Soundsystem)

Audiotheque (Romania)
Blooni (Romania)
Brad (Romania)
Brutus (Romania)
Charlie (Romania)
Crihan (Naural / Romania)
Dan Andrei (arpiar / Romania)
Dubtil (Mtrz / Romania)
Emi (Contur / Romania)
Julian (Romania)
Kozo (Understand / Romania)
Marius Iorga (Romania)
Miss I (Misbits / Romania)
Paul Agripa (Romania)
Priku (Motif / Romania)
Tulbure (TC Studio / Romania)
Vivi St. (Inhere / Romania)
Vlad Caia (Amphia / Romania)
Vygo & Aleka (Romania)

WATER STAGE (QSC / Lucky23 Soundsystem):

Alkalina (Romania)
Dreamdoctor (Romania)
Karpov Not Kasparov (Romania)
Kosta (AWD House / Romania)
Matze (Romania)
Mickey Meltdown (Spiral Tribe / UK)
Rodion GA (Romania)
Rolf (Lucky 23 Soundsystem/Romania)
Tone Tavi (Mental Hackerz/Romania)
Tribal House Collective (Romania)
The Fan (Germany)
DJ Vasile (Romania)

EARTH STAGE (Genmaica Soundsystem)

Indjstione (Romania)
Eujah (Romania)
ChuTheJhu (Romania)
Zekarjah (Romania)
Sistah RastahFairy (Romania)

LUMINISH – Self-Awareness & Visionary Area
– Workshops and Meditation Area
– Art Gallery – the Temple of Visionary Time: fire shows, artistic workshops, labirint theatre
– TRIPOTECA – psychedelic open air cinema

first 100 tickets 30eur
next 100 tickets 40eur
at gate 55eur

mai multe informatii gasesti pe wahafestival.ro

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