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feeder insider w/ xxxy

xxxy, sau Rupert Taylor, vine la Colectiv pe 16 mai. Am pregătit un interviu cu el în care ne povestește mai multe despre muzica și influențele sale, citiți în continuare pentru un nou feeder insider.

I like to start my day with… Coffee, news websites and podcasts
The future is a reason to…be excited
3 artists who inspired me… Oneohtrix point never, Larry Heard & Thom Yorke
The perfect tune must have… Groove
I’d love to, one day, play music in…Brazil
I know I found the perfect sound when…I can listen to it over and over and over without it upsetting or annoying me
As I grow older, I…am trying to be less grumpy
Music will always continue to…make me happy
I love…cooking
As a musician, I want to…affect other people’s emotions

Ana Grama: Hello, xxxy! It’ll be great having you here! I really have to ask you this, you’ve probably heard it before, but here it goes. Why the name xxxy? When I did my research, a google search turned up links about you and links about the XXXY syndrome. Do you know what that is?
xxxy: There’s not a big story here, the name came into my head one day, I wasn’t aware of the XXXY syndrome until after the name had stuck unfortunately.

Ana Grama: Your music career can be easily characterized by the word “change”. You sailed through all sorts of music genres, from the alternative days of your youth all the way to techno, dubstep, drum and bass, garage, house, your versatility is quite impressive. Can you see yourself drifting towards other genres in the future? What’s your philosophy when it comes to change, and when it comes to music?
X: I don’t have any real philosophies when it comes to making music, I just sit down and see what I am in the mood to make, so I am not sure what else I will drift to in the future

A: What are your plans for this summer?
X: Moving house, writing music and finding some time to relax

A: Are you familiar with Bucharest? Do you know any Romanian artists from the emerging electronic music scene? Word on the street is we’re real party animals.
X: I’m sorry I am not so aware of the scene in Romania hopefully someone can educate me while I am there. I probably own some music; I just buy music I like without knowing where the artist comes from.

A: How did geography influence creativity in your life?
X: I’ve been living in London for 3 years now, I don’t think geography affects the music I make, the world can feel like a very small place with the Internet.

A: A message for our readers…
X: Surprise people

A: Thank you very much! See you at the party!


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