Cartea de bucate suprarealistă a lui Salvador Dali

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Cartea de bucate suprarealistă a lui Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali povestea că la 6 ani își dorea să devină bucătar. Șapte decenii mai târziu, în 1973, a împărtășit pasiunea lui pentru mâncare în cartea de bucate Les Diners de Gala. Însoțită de ilustrații, desene și picturi, el delectează cititorul cu texte filozofice și rețete pline de umor, piperate de elementele suprarealiste necesare pentru o masă delicioasă în stilul Dali. Cele douăsprezece capitole cuprind, ilustrativ și în text, tot felul de genuri de mâncăruri, de la fructe de mare la afrodiziace. Citiți în continuare pentru câteva dintre rețetele și desenele găsite în Les Diners de Gala.

Casanova Cocktail
The juice of 1 orange
1 tablespoon bitters (Campari)
1 teaspoon ginger
4 tablespoons brandy
2 tablespoons old brandy (Vielle Cure)
1 pinch Cayenne pepper

This is quite appropriate when circumstances such as exhaustion, overwork or simply excess of sobriety are calling for a pick-me-up. Here is a well-tested recipe to fit the bill.
Let us stress another advantage of this particular pep-up concoction is that one doesn’t have to make the sour face that usually accompanies the absorption of a remedy.

At the bottom of a glass, combine pepper and ginger. Pour the bitters on top, then brandy and “Vielle Cure.” Refrigerate or even put in the freezer. Thirty minutes later, remove from the freezer and stir the juice of the orange into the chilled glass.
Drink… and wait for the effect.
It is rather speedy.

Thousand Year Old Eggs
1 dozen eggs
1 ½ quarts of water
5 whole cloves
3 tablespoons of sugar
3 tablespoons of vinegar
Tabasco sauce
2 lemons (cut in 8 pieces)
¾ teaspoon of thyme
4 tea-bags
2 onions
2 cloves of garlic

You certainly know these thousand year old eggs, one of the crowns of Chinese cuisine. We will not presume here to reach their ultimate perfection, but we will simply try to help you follow an amusing recipe which has the advantage of being prepared ahead of time.

First, boil the eggs for ten minutes in salted boiling water. Then take them out, put them under cold running water which will make it easier to shell them. In the same water in which the eggs had boiled, add the cloves, sugar, vinegar, a lot of Tabasco sauce, the lemons (cut in eighths) and thyme. Boil for 15 minutes. Shut off the flame, dip in the tea-bag and let them steep for 10 minutes.In a jar, put the diced onions and garlic. Add the shelled eggs, and pour the broth so that the eggs are completely immersed. Close the jar and keep it on the lower shelf of your refrigerator.

Be patient for three weeks before opening the jar and serving. These eggs go well with cold meats and fish.

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