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feeder insider w/ Thomas Azier

Thomas Azier vine sâmbăta aceasta în București, la Colectiv. Cu această ocazie, am aflat mai multe despre olandezul based in Berlin și am povestit despre primul lui album, HYLAS, într-un nou feeder insider.

The day starts great with…a great night sleep in my body, which happens very rarely these days!
My music expresses…A play between hope and despair.
There’s no place likeBerghain .
My biggest wish is…To find a home, i’ve been moving too much the last years..
If I were to pick a color to represent me, it would be…Wine red.
3 ingredients of a great track…Intriguing arrangement and harmonies, thrilling production where you clash extreme opposite worlds into each other and a haunting melody that cuts right through it.
Inspiration can always be found in…Solitude.
I’ve always wanted to play music in…Eastern Europe, and also Russia.

Ana Grama: Hello, Thomas, welcome to Romania! I’ve read a lot about your first album about to be released, and it sounds really intriguing. You spent such a long time working on it, what can you tell me about the end result?
Thomas Azier: Wow big question, but what I can tell you, the red thread through the album is the concept of change. I was very inspired by the book Metamorphoses from Ovid. It’s hard to deal with change all the time, I live in a city that is under constant transformation, my body was in transformation when I arrived in Berlin, I was still growing up. Relationships change, seasons change, well, change is the only thing in life we now is certain. To deal with it makes life a challenge and hard sometimes.

A: You talk a lot about that metamorphosis that occurred in your life, the album could be interpreted as a coming-of age of a young, aspiring music producer. Now that this chapter has reached a closure, what are your future plans, what next?
T: I think you never stop changing so I’m working on several different projects as a producer or writer. But also working on new material for myself. Finding a complete new sound that is different from this album.

A: You’ve been traveling a lot ever since you were young. What’s your favorite crowd? Do you prefer playing music in a certain place?
T: There are certain cities that are just amazing crowds, who are loud as hell! Usually the Belgian crowd can be really cool. But also Lyon, Reims, Paris and Amsterdam I had cool experiences.

A: When did you know you wanted to make music for a living? How did you discover this passion?
T: There was not much to do in the place I lived in the north of Holland. Just green fields and cows so me and my brother lived in our own world, playing a lot of music all day. So I just went on with doing the only thing I knew how to do. Making music.

A: Bucharest has a fast emerging electronic music scene, maybe it’s because our parties always last ‘till 6 am. Do you happen to know any Romanian artists?
T: Liar! Great guy!

A: What’s your relationship with pop music?
T: I use pop music as my frame, and within those frames I like to search for interesting borders, try to cross them, see where it gets exciting. Like big contrasts. Cold electronics next to warm vocals, analogue and digital, aggressive and sweet etc. I was just very interested in using the big rooms of the DDR factory where I have my studio. To amp all the synths and drumcomputers and record it on the other side of the hall, get the real reverbs in there. It was the factory in combination with the electronic instruments that made me decide: these are the frames of my record.

A: A message to our readers?
T: I want to thank you for taking time to listen to my story. When you listen to the album you will probably get to know a lot more about me that I will ever describe in interviews, and I hope to see you at one my shows! Hopefully I will play more and more in Romania!

A: Thank you very much! Have lots of fun!

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