Valerinne, Keira Is You (PL) @ Control

Valerinne, Keira Is You (PL) @ Control

Valerinne, Keira is You @ Club Control
24 aprilie, 21:00

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Keira is You (ambiental, post-rock, post-punk, new wave)

Keira Is You abordeaza un stil muzical complex, o combinatie intre rock-ul ambiental, post-rock si elemente new wave, fiind comparat cu cel al trupei The Cure (in primii ani). Infiintata din 2008, trupa poloneza a mai avut doua turnee europene. Albumul de debut a fost lansat in toamna anului 2009 la Daydreem Records si a fost urmat de turneul cu trupa Jeniferever.

In primavara lui 2010 polonezii au inregistrat EP-ul “One of those things that You do once in a lifetime and hopefully learn a lesson from” la Tonteknik Recordings, in Umea, Suedia, alaturi de membrul trupei Cult de Luna, Magnus Lindberg, in calitate de producator.
Keira Is You au concertat alaturi de trupe ca The Appleseed Cast, Engine Down, dEUS si Placebo.

Keira is You inseamna: Jakub Radomski (vocals, guitar, baritone guitar, bass), Jacek Pełka (drums), Tomasz Korgul (keys, synthesizers, glockenspiel, violins, accordion) si Łukasz Michno (bass).


Nothing Else Will Happen (2009)
One Of Those Things That You Do Once In A Lifetime And Hopefully Learn A Lesson From (2011)
Last Row Needs Heroes (2013)

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Valerinne este o trupa de post-rock/instrumental, infiintata in ianuarie 2012 in Bucuresti, avandu-i in componenta pe Alexandru – chitara/soundscapes, Liviu – bas, Mircea – tobe. Muzica trupei este un amestec de sonoritati post-punk, shoegaze, post-rock si metal, iar concertele atmosferice sunt insotite live de vizualuri realizate de Anke.

Pe data de 8 octombrie 2012, Valerinne lansau online ”Kunstformen der natur”, album lor de debut, fiind considerat de catre presa muzicala drept unul dintre cele mai originale si remarcabile materiale ale anului.
In primavara lui 2013, Valerinne au colindat Europa intr-un turneu international alaturi de trupa Environments.

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Bucharest based band Valerinne came together in early 2012, when Alexandru Das (guitar/soundscapes), Liviu Stoicescu (bass) and Mircea Smarandache (drums), joined efforts in their desire to play instrumental, atmospheric, haunting, loud and emotional music, completed by live visuals.
Valerinne’s music takes an organic approach to the post-rock genre. The compositions are ample and dramatic, almost soundtrack-like and evoke a wide range of mental images. The sound spectrum swings from dreamy and fragile to gloomy walls of noise and harsh brutal droning sound intensity.
The band released its debut album, Kunstformen der Natur, in late 2012. Since then they have embarked on a European tour together with Bucharest ambient/drone band Environments, have shared the stage with Kultika, Maybeshewill, Tides from Nebula, Our Ceasing Voice, Stephen O’Malley and have played at the 2013 Dunk! Festival.
At the end of 2013 the band released its second album, Arborescent, which takes the aesthetic of their first release further, yet sounds completely different.

Keira Is You was founded in 2008 and have three releases and more than 150 shows played all over Europe. They instantly gained recognition of the critics and media for their recordings and live performances, as well as the “against the flow” approach to the music industry. Over the years, the musicians have shared the stage with such bands as The Appleseed Cast, Jeniferever or Jucifer.
Keira Is You follows the DIY philosophy. They continuously deny to sign a record deal with a major label, choosing instead to record the music they want for the labels of their own choice, cooperating with the world’ s best sound engineers (Magnus Lindberg), and they also plan and organize their tours themselves. Their latest record, “Last row needs heroes” (9. 9. 2013) is out on Liverpool based EDiLS Recordings.

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