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feeder insider w/ Alejandro Paz

Alejandro Paz, DJ și producător din Santiago de Chile, vine săptămâna aceasta în România la Rokolectiv. Am vorbit cu el despre muzică, cultură și planuri de viitor într-un interviu Feeder Insider.

I’ll always be in love with…Music
When night comes, I feel…Anxious.
I’ll always be drawn to people who…Are not afraid of follow their will.
Music makes my world go…Further.
3 artists who changed my life…Víctor Jara, Jorge Gonzalez, Ralphi Rosario.
The best european public is…The one that is not looking at their I-phone.
I love my bpm like I love my…Machines.
Bass is …Intention.
House music in three words…Love dance community.
The future is…Now.
As a child, I was very…Skinny.

Ana Grama: Hey, Alejandro, it’s so good to have you here in Bucharest! So you were born in Chile. Where do you spend most of your time now?

Alejandro Paz: Thank you very much, I’m so happy to go back to Bucharest! Yes, I was born in Chile and I lived there until I was 27 years old. After some years in Madrid, now I moved to Berlin and I’m spending the most part of my time working in music and different projects with my Cómeme mates in Berlin.

A: Speaking of this, how was your music influenced by your heritage?
AP: In many ways, the most evident is when I create tracks with Latin patterns full of syncopations or when I sing in Spanish, but I sing in English too and make four-on-the-floor tracks, so to go deeper I would say that my heritage defines the conceptual place from where I create, which is very problematic, as I come from a poor country with a strong political history, but most important, a colonized country. That puts me in a special situation where I have to use the tools of the colonizer, the language, the technology, etc. And between these cultural impositions comes to light what my identity is, which is impossible to define as we are, the Latin folks, a mix of so many influences. I find this idea very attractive because allows me to do the music I want with a critic point of view and without feeling I’m doing a wrong appropiation.

A: Are we, latin folks, a better crowd than other people, you know, because of our hot blooded, passionate personalities? I’m really joking, but I am curious, did you notice certain patterns in the club culture around the world, different approaches to a night of fun depending on geography?
AP: I don’t believe in essentialism, so I wouldn’t say it depends on the geography, but yes I’m always paying a lot of attention to the different ways that people dance and lives club culture in each city. I’ve noticed differences but not a special pattern that allows me to predict a night or something like that. Anyway I think that’s beautiful because the surprise should be always part of the party.

A: What are your plans for this summer?
AP: This summer I’ll be touring with my Cómeme mates, I will finish my LP and keep on touring.

A: What’s your wishlist of artists you would really love to collaborate with?
AP: I would love to make a track with Gabi Delgado.

A: Tell me more about Ladrones, your show for the radio you direct, Radio Cómeme. How did these two projects start, what are they like?
AP: Radio Cómeme is a virtual space where we share radio-shows made by our collaborators scattered around the world. The radio-shows are made by people with a strong love for music: musicians, diggers, journalists, etc. We believe that traditional medias are not good or free enough of marketing criteria, so we decided to create or own media where we can do exactly what we want. “Ladrones” (Thieves) wants to show how copy can be good for music, but to say true, I’ve been not doing it in the last months as I’m working hard on my LP.

A: Fun fact about this city: we’re lucky to have you here thanks to our fast growing club scenes, we like to party ‘till after the afterparty. Do you know things about Bucharest? Is it your first time here?
AP: I know some stuff about Bucharest party people because I’ve been there twice already but I’ve never played until the afterparty, hope this is the time to do it!

A: A message to our readers?
AP: Let’s make LOVE

A: Thank you very much! See you at the show! xx

Alejandro Paz facebook.
Cómeme Label.

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