Copy-me a website about copying

Copy-me a website about copying

Copy-me este un site care asamblează informații uitle din diferite domenii pentru utilizatorii și producătorii materialelor digitale aka web users.
I-am găsit pe site-ul Piratebay, în secțiunea The Promo Bay.

Mai jos aveți descrierea proiectului .
Am atașat câteva linkuri, în cazul în care vreți să susțineți proiectul.

Copying is our way of sharing and creating. But copies themselves don’t have any monetary value. You can make infinite copies of the same file. That doesn’t make you the author of the piece, nor does it equal stealing. That’s why it’s called copying!

Copy-me is an infographic-style animated webseries that deals with our modern attitude to copying. It assembles the most relevant information and makes it accessible to everyone. It will span eight short-and-sweet episodes that talk about copyright, public domain, originality, artists and how they can make money, digital copies and lot more!
Everything will be concise, short, informative, and accessible to everyone.
It will appeal both to copyright literates, as well as to those with no previous knowledge on these topics. Our biggest goal is to raise awareness and highlight our concerns regarding the copyright realities of today. We think these topics are extremely relevant and could use an update. We hope that, through educating the audience, our webseries will make a difference.

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