Clubwerks #2 @ Control Club

  • by igu

Clubwerks #2 @ Control Club
20 aprilie, 19:00


The energy surrounding quality music is universal – we know it, you know it and we got to experience this feeling together during many parties. Now we’ll get to do it on a weekly basis, both online but especially offline, since Clubwerks is all about getting the elite of the local scene together – artists and listeners alike – and creating a good party on a Sunday evening. We could do it from our bedrooms too, but we’d miss out on the amazing effect that high quality music on a proper soundsystem in a dark & cosy room can generate. Clubwerks is a highly scheduled affair, so don’t dance at home around a screen if you’re in town, cause we’ve prepared a small international dance floor that will upgrade itself through your live feedback.
Come hang out with us & like-minded people every Sunday from 7 PM, cause it’s always nice to have the choice of going to bed early or just keep on werking. Werk!

4/20 live stream featuring the weekly podcast by Herne, a resident mix by Calamansi. with musical guests Fouchat ; Whiteworks in Control Club and on Clubwerks. Full recordings will surface on Soundcloud and Youtube in the days to follow.
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