Happy Romania finals – Golan, Mara & KSA, Lemone Blues @ House of parties

Happy Romania finals – Golan, Mara & KSA, Lemone Blues @ House of parties
17 Aprilie, 21:00

Hey Happy people, its time for a grandefinal !

Aceasta zi de aprilie vine cu vesti bune si mai putin bune de la echipa Happy Romania. Jazzanova isi muta show-ul programat pentru 17 aprilie din cadrul Happy Finals pe 24 iunie.
Vestile bune – cel mai fresh trio live de la ora actuala – Golan – se alatura evenimentului Happy Finals.


Mara & KSA live

Lemon Blues live

fb event

+ concurs

It’s been a wild and outstandingly joyous ride, and after touring the Happy Project around the country it’s time to unite in a big Happy bash. Apart from celebrating 500k views with events in the main party hubs in Bucharest this Friday, we’re also having a final sendout to the Happy Bunny. All of the events so far have been leading up to our grand finale, a secret we can no longer keep to ourselves.

Mark your calendars, as April 17TH is the day the highly acclaimed German nu-disco jazzy act
Jazzanova joins the ranks of the Happy Romania people, in an unparalelled full-band performance, featuring the vocal panache of Mr. Paul Randolph. The event will take place at the House of Parties and includes many surprises. The line-up includes performances from the charismatic first lady of Romanian nu-jazz Mara&KSA and Jurjak’s Lemon Blues as well as dancefloor acrobatics from local acts DJ Superbush and I love You But I’ve Chosen Disco, that will keep you dancing throughout the night.

Tickets: eventim.ro

Stay Happy!


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