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feeder insider w/Rejjie Snow

născut în Dublin a avut de curând un concert în București, iar cu această ocazie am apucat să-i facem niște fotografii și să-l întrebăm câte un pic din toate într-un interviu feeder insider.

In the hour before the concert, I… normally watch MF Doom performing and stretch and try to stay hydrated and all that fun stuff

I find inspiration in… movies and words. Words are really beautiful to me. I love to draw words whenever I can

The morning starts well with… I normally talk to my girlfriend the minute i wake up everyday and try to eat breakfast but i always skip that shit lol but my mornings are the same as everybody else’s, bleak and dull

These days, I’ve been listening to…
I dunno that’s an interesting question because you really listen to 101 people in any given week but I’m really into Vince Staples and this dude Youtaro, they are really great

Rejjie Snow in three words:
your worst nightmare

A great party has…a place for people to talk, a smoking or outdoor area and an endless supply of beers so we can get down to the midnight jams

In one year, I’ll be… a person people love & hate

If I wasn’t making music, I would be… playing sports and obeying the white man

Ana Grama: Hey, Rejjie! It’s great to have you here. This is something I’ve always wanted to know: how’s life in Dublin and what aspects of it inspire you?

Rejjie Snow: Dublin is my hometown so it is what it is and I’m a product of that environment and that’s pretty evident in my lifestyle and music, well to me anyway. I’m not really inspired by much at all other than the moon and going to new places so I’d say Dublin has done nothing what so ever other than make me naughty .

A: I’ve noticed your lyrics cover all sorts of problems we’ve been facing as a society. Do you sense a major change coming up in our lifetime?

RS: Yeah I really do and I feel pretty soon people are gonna just stop and realize that we’ve all been doomed since the womb and will be to the tomb, you know humans have really changed and i think for the worst.

A: How’s Bucharest? How did you enjoy your time here?
RS:It’s nice man, really beautiful women

A: How would you describe your latest album?
RS:I would say it’s an honest reflection of a 20 year old male who has no idea who and what he wants to be but knows people are listening and wants to speak his message.

A: I love the samples you use for your song, they set the mood just right. Which artists are the most inspiring when it comes to this?

RS:Thank you, definitely Lord Quas.

A: A message for our readers?
RS: Stay happy and try to have fun ever now and again, cause u can die in a second.

A:Thank you very much, Rejjie! Big up!

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