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Vineri 30 august la Modulab (în curtea de pe Viitorului 153) se întâmplă de la ora 21:00 un eveniment muzical experimental pe nume C. Canned Fit. Va performa Christine Schörkhuber la instrumente „hack”-uite. Evenimentul va fi urmat de un workshop ce va avea loc luni 2 septembrie (revin cu detalii).

Controlled coalition of the unpredictable. Circuits of simultanitiy. Canned Noises, tinned tunes and melodic distorsions. The performance is floating between subtle crunchy sounds, song fragments, noise-fields and penetrating drones. The sound sphere is created by hacked effect tools, fingermicrophons, voice, feedback and a trash orchestra of found sonorous footage. Motorized Cans vibrate in Tune, the sound of Materials like Cans, Tins, Metal parts, electronic trash, Paper, Wood, Water and Wind are modulated and amplified through open mics.


“Kaleidoskop insights” is a audio-visual road-movie through the contemporary romanian culture scene created by Christine Schoerkhuber and Maria Hera. People engaged in the cultural sector speak about their work, their ambitions, motivations and circumstances of production. Field recordings, soundscapes and music interactions interlude with narrative Interviews, spoken comments and visual finds.

The Feature portrays cultural organizations in different contexts. The aim of the project is, to show a variegated and vivid potpourri of different cultural institutions in Romania like Off-Spaces witch are the germ cell of the art of tomorrow, across archeological attestations of former times, hackerspaces, music clubs, performing art and dance institutes or festivals like Fan Fest at Rosia Montana.

Born 1978 in Hunedoara, Romania as a member of the German Minority in Transylvania, she emigrated 1986, with her family to Nürnberg, Germany. From 2002-2007 she studied Fine Arts at University of Applied Arts and Science Hannover Germany at Prof. Sigrun Jakubaschke und Prof. Bernhard Garbert (Diploma of Fine Arts, Painting/Sculpture). 2008 she attended the Masterclass of Prof. Bernhard Garbert (Meisterschülerin von Prof. Bernhard Garbert). Since 2009 she lives and works as a freelance artist and workshop-leader in Vienna, Austria. Maria Hera`s works are huge collage-installations out of media-images and text-fragments rambling all over the walls, creating a unique synthesis out of the daily barrage of media images, in order to decode the messages they submit to us and turn them into questions rather than answers. Her artistic work concentrates on collage, installation and space intervention, photo and street art.

− Member of the executive committee of the feminist DIY-electronic collective
“Mz. Baltazars Laboratory”
− CoFounder of the producer gallery KunstOhneRaum www.kunstohneraum.de

Selected Exhibitions and Participations

CRIR, AiR (Copenhagen-DK), Seherin2012 (Fürth-DE), Miss baltazar´s laboratory (Vienna–AT), GIVE ME THE FUTURE (Cluj Napoca-RO), GASTSPIEL2012 (Fürth-DE), Parque del Sol 12 symposium of interdisciplinary art St. (Poelten-AT), Ma soeur 100 tetes (world wide), FREE.SPACE social art FESTIVAL (Vienna-AT), Das Feuer, das der Sonne spottet (Hannover – DE), Homecoming (Hannover – DE), Frauenforscherin/feminist university calender (Vienna-AT), offen2 Kunstraum Benjamin Richard (Leipzig-DE), 99 Red Balloons (Ottawa-CA) Parco di Arte, Roveredo (Tessin-CH), Meisterschüler 08, Foro Artistico (Hannover-DE), WIP, Rolleizentrum (Braunschweig-DE) Kreuz und Quer Marktkirche/Kestnergesellschaft (Hannover-DE) 3 feb 2006 Atelier Grammophon (Hannover-DE)


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