Tranzhumance Free Romania Teknival

Teknival începe pe 15 august dar e cu circuit închis, așa că pentru a afla locul exact de desfășurare trebuie să trimiteți un mail pe adresa Ediția din 2009 arăta astfel.

Vezi lista completă a festivalurilor de muzică din vara lui 2013.

6 thoughts on “Tranzhumance Free Romania Teknival”

  1. Hey,

    I define the indexable internet pages as public, and as long as it is public my mission obliges me to publish whatever I think would interest our audience. If it has bothered you in some way and are affiliated with the organizers, please send us and official email at and we will remove all references.

    I had no idea it is “fuckiiinnn illegal!!!!!!!!”

  2. Hey mates why are you making publicity when nobody asked you too? Keep your head in your book and please put out this event from your page, you are destroying a party just because you want to give your small info and photo aside, are you crazy? do you make the difference even between festivals? teknival is a very big event but is fuckiiinnn illegal!!!!!!!!!!! we dont need newspapers readers there, cops and none of your interest public, you are not helping nothing just making bull shit please please remove these posts from your site and keep the info for yourselves!!! spoiled brats

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