Gradina Maicii Domnului

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Vlad Nancă expune Grădina Maicii Domnului la Galeria SABOT din Cluj în intervalul 31 mai – 6 iulie

I am equally fond of Bauhaus modernism, Corbusier’s planning rules, and of the vernaculars, the accidents and DIY interventions within the public space. Inspired by the situationist critique of Henri Lefebvre, and driven by a great interest in escaping Corbusier’s straight line, I am further looking into how ephemeral situations are able to reinvent our common space. (Vlad Nancă)

Garden of Mary (a reference to the Pope John Paul II’s equivocal statement: “Romania is the garden of the Holy Mary”) – the second solo show of Vlad Nancă at Sabot – follows the artist’s research into the poetics of waste and urban schizophrenia. Initiated in 2009, the project takes multiple roads, from recording and archiving bizarre traces of citification, to speculating upon the society of the spectacle.

Urban semiologist and ideological contortionist, Vlad Nancă probes again the production and reproduction of social connotations.

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