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  • April 8, 2013April 3, 2013

Generative Optimization using Grasshopper LEVEL 1

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We introduce a FRESH METHODOLOGY to OPTIMIZE AN IDEA, through a challenging problem-solving way of thinking.
This will be accomplished starting from the concept, moving on to decision making and continuing with digital and generative design tools TO GET THE BEST SOLUTION for each problem.

WHY? The world is complex and ever-changing and we need to be able to handle the volume of information we receive and, of course, to find and choose the best solution. Therefore, we direct our ATTENTION TO THE CAUSE, and not only on the effects/solutions. We will learn from NATURE, the only “company” that has not gone bankrupt in over 4000M years, and its GENERATIVE SOLUTIONS.

AIMED AT / RECOMMENDED TO: Students, postgraduates, professionals: architects, designers (interior, product and urban), engineers, business managers, economists, sociologists, communication specialists and other interested parties. > OBJECTIVES < The participants will work in multidisciplinary groups (ex. architect + designer + business manager + constructor + communication specialist etc.) applying knowledge management tools, different approaches and nature-based optimization methods. Listed objectives: 1. Improving the generative way of TURNING AN IDEA INTO A PROJECT through problem-solving thinking 2. Discovering nature’s ways of shaping evolutionary solutions 3. Getting out from our comfort zone and working together with other professionals in groups in order to achieve better solutions: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization 4. Learning to use technology to manage information in the decision making process & surviving the whole week


  • Day 1 LECTURE on OPTIMIZATION in DESIGN (9am – 16pm)
  • Day 2/3/4/5/6/7 WORKSHOP (9am – 7pm)
  • Day 7 – PROJECT PRESENTATION – Final outcome (09 am – 6:30pm) + COCKTAIL (6:30 pm – 8:30pm)

Key lecturer and workshop tutor: SANTIAGO MARTIN [ES] – Faculty @IaaC, Barcelona & Co-founder @Vortica [Cognitive Engineer for Design]

Workshop assistants:

  • ARIAN HAKIMI NEJAD [IR] – MAA 2010 – Architect/Urban Designer (IaaC-UPC, Barcelona) & Digital Fabrication & parametric design expert, Architect, ON-A (Barcelona) & Tutor, Parametrica
  • HORIA SPIRESCU [RO] – Architect (UAIM, Bucharest, Romania)
  • SORINA DUMITRU [RO] – Architect (UAIM, Bucharest, Romania)
  • DIANA NITREANU [RO] – MAA 2010 – Architect/Urban Designer (IaaC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain), Official Rhino Trainer, Co-founder, Laboratorul de Arhitectura & Co-founder & Tutor, Parametrica

The participants must bring:

  • Laptops – all participants
  • Laptops with the following software installed: Rhinoceros 3D 5.0, Grasshopper 3D (Latest Version) – only the participants with technical background (ex. Architects, Engineers)


  • Late bird – until 6th April 2013
  • Lecture – 25 euro (includes presentations, food& drinks)
  • Workshop – 120 euro (includes lecture, food& drinks)

To book in advance find more info or registration visit us at: /


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