Queer Night

Vineri 22 martie la Modern:

Femmes, Dicky, Dykes, Butches, Ladyboys, Tit Kings, Gold Stars, Lipstick Lesbians, Pillow Queens, Diesel dykes,everybody else, take all off and get ready for a naughty night swim towards the magic Lesbos Island!

Do not worry: it’s all gonna be wet and promiscuous.

Put your second-hand lifesavers and let yourself drown to the edgy abundance of emotion and sexiness provided by the disco infused, hard-hitting style from Tama Sumo, the resident of Panorama Bar, Berlin.

Side by side, face to face to her, on the same boat there’s Lakuti from the Uzuri label, which stands in Swahili for Beauty. This dance music Goddess emanating from one of South Africa’s most culturally diverse regions, Soweto, will transport you to the ocean floor. And before all that get some synchronized swimming routine lessons on the beats of local gang boss, miss Cosima von Bülow.

It’s gonna be lesbianissimo for 15 Ron.

bonus: personal shark Palomus ♡ Desdemon


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