The Pixels şi Cos Mir la Breathing Prototypes

  • by cosmin

Luni 25 februarie la Modern.

Any plans for tonight? No? Great! You have to see this! Inflatable structures will breath right next to you…or maybe above?! Along with good music from the Pixels and some drinks.

Breathing Prototypes – Inflatable structures

Exhibition opening: 20:30 & after with The Pixels LIVE & Cos Mir

Main Tutors: Andrea Graziano [Co-de-iT]
Alessio Erioli [Co-de-iT]

Assistants: Arian Hakimi
Carlo Caltabiano
Vlad Harbuz
Horia Spirescu

Over the course of six days, the workshop participants generated, fabricated, and assembled inflatable prototypes, which incorporate simple ambient sensory feedback to actuate various states of inflation. Force driven dynamic modeling was utilized to simulate material behavior and physical computing that was implemented in order to create a soft, sentient spatial experience.

The primary objectives were to explore and expand on the ongoing research in architectural technology, dealing with fabric forms that can be transformed into inflatable structures, controlled by physical computing.

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Organized By: Parametrica [Digi Fab School]
Powered by: All Hollow


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