Structuri de poveşti

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Kurt Vonnegut trasează axa ghinion – noroc şi explică cum fiecare poveste are o formă unică, sinuoasă în felul propriu. În clipul de mai sus n-apucă să zică şi de povestea de tip Kafka:

Now there’s a Franz Kafka story [begins line D toward bottom of G-I axis]. A young man is rather unattractive and not very personable. He has disagreeable relatives and has had a lot of jobs with no chance of promotion. He doesn’t get paid enough to take his girl dancing or to go to the beer hall to have a beer with a friend. One morning he wakes up, it’s time to go to work again, and he has turned into a cockroach [draws line downward and then infinity symbol]. It’s a pessimistic story

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