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  • December 19, 2012December 11, 2012

Pe 19 decembrie la Modern.

“Skateboarding has always been much more than progression of stunts performed on skateboard. There’s a whole creative mentality behind it all that has influenced our culture.” (Lance Mountain, skateboarder and artist)

Are skateboards’ graphics pieces of art? They will continue to live as vibrant reminders of a time in life when all that mattered was rolling across the ground on a board with 4 wheels… with a piece of art attached to it. It has nothing to do with victories, pro-athletes or skate companies. Skateboarding attracts a far more creative crowd than the usual so-called adrenalin junkies.

“Ne Placă Ce Faci” Collective Show Exhibition gathers an exquisite selection of the freshest creative people around here from domains such as art, design, architecture, fashion, music, graffiti or celebrities. It gives them a blank skateboard deck to be customized in the way they feel. No rules, no guidelines or limitations. They are free to cut it, burn it, paint it, blow it up… as a genuine and free way of their expression.

All the artworks will be showcased in “Ne Placă Ce Faci” Exhibition – December 19 @ Modern Bucuresti (Mihai Eminescu, 127).

Then it travels to Carturesti Cafe, until the end of the year (December 20-31). It is on sale and all the money gathered will go in helping children from Ovidiu Ro NGO.

Creativity is the voice of your soul, they say.

We invite you to experience “Ne Placă Ce Faci” Collective Show Exhibition, starting 19th of December. RSVP.


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