Queer Night with House of Shade

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  • December 15, 2012December 10, 2012

Queer Night la Modern cu House of Shade siHip Diebattery
Sambata 15 decembrie de la 23:00. Intrarea: 10 lei.

Dear Wonders of this World

put out your ♡ & smash it once more. it’s time to cover it in black while all turns white. tarpit pitchBLacK – no light, just feel the swarming sexy queer bodies in the night. Action will be provided. First by the sounds of Lesbo’s naughty & local daughter-in-law, the invincible neon mistress Hip DieBattery, followed by a dj set by Jan Kedves from the House of Shade coming straight (but not quite) from Berlin – this expert of Vogue&Voguing knows how to put you back in fashion cause that’s where you belong.

p.s.: black hearted like never before, Palomus Desdemon will be stalking you live

black love!

10 lei for the trouble.


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