Aula Lacustra

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În ciuda grelei încercari şi datorită PUTERNICEI ÎNCORDĂRI A FORŢELOR ŞI VOINŢEI ÎNTREGULUI POPOR, la Casa Scânteii vor înflori salcâmii!


Sâmbătă 24.11 | 21.00
Aula Lacustră / Casa Presei Libere

Intrare: 15 lei


Paul should need little introduction. The brains behind the Claremont 56 stable, he has been responsible for some of the finest music to be released over recent years. With a roster that includes Paul’s own productions as Smith & Mudd, Mudd & Pollard, Bison, recent incarnation Paqua and collaborations with Holger Czukay alongside artists such as Almunia, Torn Sail and Fist Of Facts, to name but three, Claremont 56 continues to bring us exemplary music of never diminishing quality. And let’s not forget the Originals compilation series and sister label Leng which has seen releases from Mountaineer and Phil Mison’s Cantoma project as well as many other delights.


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