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Tiago & Bogman @ Control

Tiago & Bogman @ Control

Tiago & Bogman @ Control

Camera Sambo >> Tiago & Bogman
@ Control Club
( Str. Academiei 19 )
diseara 26.04, de la 23.00

Carnation Revolution Sambo Especial joia asta cu Tiago Miranda, un cavaler al luxului português si erou personal.Pe 25 aprilie e Ziua Libertatii in Portugalia, iar de vineri incepe weekend-ul nostru muncitoresc de 1 Mai. Intre – noi..
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Hailing from Lisbon in Portugal where he is a weekly resident at Club Lux, Tiago has a laid back intensity that is reflected in the expansive and inquisitive nature of his sets. Raised on good music in his home, turned on to drumming by his older brother, he came to Dj’ing via live music. He has been at it for close to twenty years, and in the last decade added production work to his resume. Check his production and remix work on labels like DFA, ESP Institute, Golf Channel, Leng, etc. He his involved in a great variety of projects and working distinguish formats such as techno, house, chill out, dub, leftfield rock and disco.


as Tiago:
The Source (Leng) 12″
Disambiguation (DFA) 12″
Peanuts Not Working (Wurst) 12″
Rider (Ene Records) 12″
Motorcycles (Hands Of Time) 12″
Mucho Swash (Italians Do It Better) 12″
Tam Tam / Think Again (Disco Devil) 12″
Laidback & Groovy/Sharde (Nu Groove) 12″

as I-Boat Captain:
Slower/Moody Beat (Is It Balearic? Records) 12″
Lepard Theme #1 (Skylax) 12″

as Sea Power & Change:
Sea Power & Change (ESP Institute) 12″

as Tnt Subhead:
Deep Shit Show (Groovement) 12″

as Slight Delay:
Sufi Surfer (Rong Music) 12″
Cigana (The Record Pool) 12″
Can You Feel it? (Eskimo Records) 12″/CD

as Mendes & Alçada:
Coaster (Claremont 56) 12″
The Night Of The Bath (Internasjonal) 12″

as Gala Drop:
Overcoat Heat (Golf Channel) 12″
Gala Drop (Gala Drop Records) LP/CD

as Sangue De Cristo:
Ponta Do Mato/Cova Do Vapor (One Eyed Jack) 12″

as Spare The Cradle:
Better Die Of Love Than To Love Without Regret (Abrigolx) File, MP3, Album
Beat Your Mother While She’s Young (Abrigolx) File, MP3, Album


as Tiago:
Social Disco Club “I’m Good For You” Tiago Remix (Hands Of Time) 12″
Munk “La Musica” Tiago Remix (Gomma) 12″
Kid Who “Ochre” Tiago’s If You Don’t Ride You Don’t Know Remix (Rainbow Socks) Digital Release Only
Torn Sail “Birds” Tiago Remix (Claremont56) 12″
Vahagn “Trust” Tiago Remix (Groovement) 12″
Cantoma “Viusu” Tiago Remix (Leng) 12″
Deadstock33&Stopmakingme “On Rushmore” (HTHL) 12″
DJ Kaos “From Inside” Tiago Club Remix & Club Dub (DFA) 12″
Mirror People “Reaction” Tiago Zawa Dub Remix (Hands Of Time) 12″
Soft Rocks “Obo” Tiago Remix (ESP Institute) 12″
Secret Circuit “Jungle Guns” Tiago Remix (Internasjonal) 12″
Hidden Fees “So What” Tiago’s One Good Mistress Deserves Another Remix & Dub Remix (Solei’d Music Group) 12″


Tiago “Motorjam/Souljam” 12″ Jolly Jams (Germany)
Tiago “Peanuts Not Working” EP Wurst Records (US)
Tnt Subhead “Ecstasy & Release” CD/LP Groovement (PT)
Sea Power & Change “Remixes” EP ESP Institute (US)
Slight Delay “Untitled” 12″ Kin Folk (UK)

Secret Circuit “Jungle Guns” Tiago Remix 12″ Internasjonal (NOR)
Soft Rocks “Obo” Tiago Remix 12″ ESP Institute (US)
Hidden Fees “So What” Tiago Remix + Dub Remix 12″ Solei’d Music Group (US)
Gaffy “Cave Hoar” Tiago Remix 12″ Freshit Records (UK)

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