Andreea Vasile despre PIPA, SOPA, ACTA si pericolele din spatele lor

Andreea Vasile despre PIPA, SOPA, ACTA si pericolele din spatele lor

18th of January was probably the day when most students worldwide didn’t do their homework. Wikipedia was down. Few knew that the site, alongside estimated 7.000 other as big as Wiki, but also smaller websites coordinated a service blackout or posted links and images in protest against SOPA and PIPA in an effort to raise awareness about how internet as we know it might change for the worse.

It was late October 2011 when Taylor Holmes found out about SOPA and PIPA. “Ever since then, I was spreading news of it through Facebook and Google+. I participated in IRC chats with Anonymous a few times and learned of more articles and videos there. I was in Romania for a few weeks in December and spent a lot of time online to give myself something to do and every day I became more and more outraged at these bills and the Congress”. But the Blackout on October 18th wasn’t the first measure websites took to protest against the bills. It was the outcome of all prevention they have done up to that moment, namely designed petitions one could email to the Congress members very quickly and easily. So did Taylor: “This was perhaps the most important part of the movement. I found several of these sites and participated in emailing my Congress members from various petitions. Eventually, Google and Wikipedia announced that they would be participating in the protest, borrowing the blackout idea from Anonymous who was planning much worse things via #OpBlackout on January 3rd. This operation did happen earlier, but was not very effective. But on Janury 18th, thousands of websites joined the cause, blacking-out their front webpages. Google “blacked out” its logo and Wikipedia blacked out its English articles. Both websites had links to pages that were designed to flood Congress with your emails. Within a few days, most of Congress had pulled their support for the bills”.

de Andreea Vasile

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