Gorzo in proiectul “Defensive Shield” by Naomi Safran-Hon

“Imagine a dress, a garment, which you can wear, that will protect you from the world around you. It will guard you from all worldly activities, and will function like a shield, a fence between you and the rest of the world. In the project Defensive Shield the artist Naomi Safran-Hon attempted to create such a barrier in a form of a coat. Using cement, a material that is used in the construction of walls and fences, Safran-Hon creates a personal defense structure. The cement is pushed through green lace that then is stitched together to create a long overcoat. The lace is the structure that holds together the cement. By transforming the cement into a wearable garment Safran-Hon deflated its key quality of strength and stiffness. Thus making the garment’s initial purpose impossible to achieve. Creating an ironic situation whereby the cement, which was supposed to function as a shield, becomes a burden for the person wearing the overcoat.”

Defensive Shield by Naomi Safran-Hon

Model: Dumitru Gorzo 😉

Gorzo in proiectul "Defensive Shield" by Naomi Safran-Hon

2 thoughts on “Gorzo in proiectul “Defensive Shield” by Naomi Safran-Hon”

  1. …..un palton manjit cu ciment, o vrajala de concept si un artist fugit in state, sufocat intr-un stereotip teribil. Indeajuns sa te uiti la ultimele aparitii ale lui nea gorzo, ca sa-ti dai seama ca he’s living the dream, cel al cliseului artistic.

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