Adobe a folosit si imagini blurate artificial in demo-ul de deblur

Adobe a recunoscut ca a folosit imagini blurate artificial pentru a demonstra efectul noilor tehnologii de deblur.

Adobe admits using ‘synthetic blur’ image in deblur demo

‘The first two images we showed – the crowd scene and the image of the poster, were examples of motion blur from camera shake. The image of Kevin Lynch was synthetically blurred from a sharp image taken from the web. What do we mean by synthetic blur? A synthetic blur was created by extracting the camera shake information from another real blurry image and applying it to the Kevin Lynch image to create a realistic simulation.’

“This kind of blur is created with our research tool. Because the camera shake data is real, it is much more complicated than anything we can simulate using Photoshop’s blur capabilities. When this new image was loaded as a JPEG into the deblur plug-in, the software has no idea it was synthetically generated. This is common practice in research and we used the Kevin example because we wanted it to be entertaining and relevant to the audience – Kevin being the star of the Adobe MAX conference!”

Detalii despre aceasta noua tehnologie pe blogul adobe.

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