The Dead Rose Music Company – Cretzea’s Bday @ Baraka

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The Dead Rose Music Company - Cretzea's Bday @ Baraka

When the sun goes down on the 4th of June everyone is gathering at Baraka!
We’ve got UK’s hottest project in 2010 and 2011, The Dead Rose Music Company coming to spin in Herastrau Park.

To date TDRMC have played solo at parties all over the world but until now have never come together in the public eye. The future sees the release of their “May Contain Samples” series of tracks, garnering support from The Magician & Aeroplane, Feel My Bicep, Sleazy McQueen, Soul Clap, Mark E, Chris Duckenfield and Horse Meat Disco amongst a number of other heads.

This is to be remembered as a celebration.

That’s right! 021’s very own Dan Rusanescu is turning 28 the very same day.
So whether you are down with a good music party in the park or you know Cretzea and want to wish him a Happy Birthday, drop on by.

Line up:

The Dead Rose Music Company (UK)




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