The Alternative School for Creative Thinking

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The Alternative School for Creative Thinking

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking

Nowadays, youngsters in Romania are lazy. Really lazy. Sloth becomes a hobby that quickly turns into a full-time job. Just like you’d swing a shiny object in front of a cat to grab its attention and get it off its side, we’ve decided to work up a creative appetite for our couch-loving youth.
In an attempt to promote the CANNES LIONS ROMANIA initiative, started by The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, we rallied up some of the most talented young artists, designers, illustrators and all around finger-happy creatives from around the world, that had already proven to be a worthy Oxygen consumer by being successful in their creative endeavours from an early age and with lots of honey (read: at-gunpoint) we made them give up some of their pretty pretty pictures.
This so-called “ARTVERTISING” aimed to be an art exhibition with all the joy, sweat and tears, but for walls.
We printed the signed illustrations along with our message (“And you’re out here drinking…”) and set them up through some of the most famous clubs and bars in Bucharest, Romania, usually where our 18-28 Y/o target hangs out, essentially creating an all-around exhibition and enticing our lazy, drunken friends to get on board with the school and do something worthwhile.

Facem Rostogol
(Don’t bother trying to understand the name) is an example of good manners, creating its own noble causes to fight for, because the environment is overrated. We want to promote what’s cool, what’s hip and what’s now…, not really. We’re there wherever divergent thinking and creativity are engaged in sweet, tender love-making and give birth to Awesome (capital A).
We copy-paste in style and you’re lucky enough to have your eyes open when it happens.

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