Revolve Watch by Podvaal

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Revolve Watch by Podvaal

Coming from the Russian design studio Podvaal, the “Revolve” watch is a timepiece that instantly eases into an eye-catching fashion accessory. The visually striking bracelet allows hours, minutes and seconds to swirl freely around your wrist.

Made out of 3 magnetic bracelets, time can be arranged in whatever order you like. You can wear only the hours, minutes, or seconds. Each bracelet can be ordered in a different color or material to suit different looks or purposes.

The watch can be solar power operated (LED display), battery operated or fully mechanic. The more complex the operating mechanics, the more unique the Revolve will be.

Podvaal is currently seeking means of producing the Revolve watch. So if you are interested in this project or have any questions please drop us a line at podvaaldesign at or fan at as quick as possible.

About Podvaal
Podvaal is a Russian based design studio formed by 4 industry professionals: Alex Daff (art director), Voronov Alexey (3D artist), Vlad Boerean (graphic designer) and Mircea Andronescu (copywriter). Podvaal’s purpose is to bring hours of conceptual fun having ideas to life in a manner that’s both functional and eye pleasing.

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