Lansarea site-ului rudelor sarace:

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Lansarea site-ului rudelor sarace:

Lansarea site-ului rudelor sarace:

Lansarea site-ului rudelor sarace:

Poor Relatives Blog Launch Special
Friday 08 October
Logan + Khidja + Tom Wilson

Joyces, 1-3 Piata Valter Maracineanu.

Doamnelor si Domnilor,

Cu cele mai bune intentii dorim sa va prezentam noua noastra platforma de desfasurare, site-ul rudelor sarace : “

Since it’s all about family in here, we will try to connect like-minded people from different areas in order to give you a little bit of variety and the usual semi dark mellow tone. Unii dintre ei vor face showcase-uri, others will rub the mint, but it’s all love.

iar pentru asta avem urmatoarele rubrici:

Mixoligian / ADSR / Tschussy Feng / Poster Boy / Top Ten
Mixoligian – is, of course, the place for mixes. We’ll have mixes by our friends and co-conspirators put up here as often as possible, as well as guest mixes from a range of exotic and far-flung places.
ADSR – is the place for curious audio phenomena.
Poster boy – is a selection of images, collages, photos, library scans and other memorabilia from the Khidja drawing-board.
Tschussy Feng – is a series of audio shows with our Master Tschussy Feng Guru, Mr Megatron himself. He will teach you all you need to know about the miracle that is Tschussy Feng!
Top 10 – yes, it’s about top ten charts. More top tens than you can shake a stick at.

headliners for this month are:

Camil’s Juno mix.
Logan’s Haules Baules special showcase.
Megtron’s first edition of Tschussy Feng.
Terre Thaemliz’s”Top 10 Tehno-pop solo projekts by YMO”
Poster Boy’s first edition with Andrei Rusu
ADSR # 1 – Singing road of japan


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