Lillevan presents Fixation Fields @ Noaptea Muzeelor 2010

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Lillevan presents FIXATION FIELDS at Noaptea Muzeelor 2010
15th May, 21:30 h/ MNAC, Terrace
An event organized by AVmotional Platform & Goethe Institut Bucharest
Partener: National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC)

Fixation Fields is Lillevan’s solo audio-visual performance which explores the relationships between light, rhythm, the eye and psychology.
Loosely inspired by the Rudolf Arnheim?s Gestalt theories of art and perception, Lillevan creates a visual arrangement of optical density and poetry, emphasizing how new relationships of moving imagery and sound are constructing meaning in today’s communication.

By investigating how new technical forms of image creation and distribution are affecting our perception and understanding of our surroundings, Fixation Fields is a work of abstract beauty and a celebration of synaesthetic diversity.

Using custom made software, Fixation Fields generates sound by analyzing the image sequences, these sequences are collaged in real time from a massive library of visual & organic experiments collected during research over the last 10 years.

The moving imagery and the sounds are composed and manipulated during the performance, thus creating a dense filmic experience, a poetic manifesto of visual perception, of gaze-holding and gaze-shifting.
Duration: approx 60 mins



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