The heavy week (saptamana grea) @ CNDB

21 – 31 january at The National Dance Centre in Bucharest

We propose an extremely fresh perspective towards the rapid transformation of the perception of information related to the development of the social media. Thus, we will speak about the slow disintegration of propaganda as we know it. The end , or rather a radical update to the “society of spectacle”. We have acknowledged the fading into oblivion of the old media and the one way transmission of information and we want to declare it in a performative way.
We will invite and expose the spectacles from “outside” in the theatre, we will deal with ideology and fiction, time acceleration, image exhaustion.
We ambitiously propose to test the limits of the traditional theatre conventions, hardcore.

– the announcement of the presidential candidacy of Florin Flueras
– military workshop with dancers, held by an instructor from the romanian army
– military demonstration with weapon
– debate on the future of television with Dan Diaconescu (president and main moderator of the OTV television in Romania)
– apiculture or the end of nature, lecture-performance
– the postspectacle trilogy (scroll further down in the blog for details)
– 24 hour theatre performance
– alpine show, performance at its peak

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