Therapy Sessions 4 @ Palatul Universul

Therapy Sessions 4 @ Palatul Universul

Dropdread alongside Anger Management & Freak Recordings present:
Saturday December 12, Bucharest, Romania
where: Palatul Universul[Str.Ion Brezioianu 23-25]
Special Guests:
The Panacea[Ger] |
labels: Position Chrome, OffKey, Freak
Current Value[Ger] |
labels: Tech Itch, Freak, Offkey, Evol Intent, Barcode
Special Support:
FreqAx[Ro] |
labels: Algorythm Recordings, PRSPCT Recordings, Sinuous Records
Special Battle:
Proton Kid[Ro] |
labels: Nightmare,Technorganic, Bondage, Foulplay
Blastphemik[Ro] |
Battle Support:
Katalepsys[Ro] |
Host of event:
Dropdread[Ro] |

Acces: 25 ron – in avans
[la Ollie Gang Shop, Blanari 12]
35ron – la intrare


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