Love Me Tender, Bartender

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Bartenders, waiters, hostesses, professional dancers, party organizers, promoters are not allowed to drink during their job. The hardcore ones, that work all week, only have a free Sunday for payback. That’s a good enough reason to organize a party in honor of those brave man which make magic liquids pour into colorful glasses. Not to worry, we’re keeping it open for you guys. It’s THE opportunity to dance with your favorite bartender in town!

As for the music, we’ll do an experiment, so please bear with us if it doesn’t end up right. DJ Fibră will play ’60-’70-’80s hits, while Dragoş Rusu (BeatFactor) will work those buttons with 90-60-90 electro. So just mix your own fucking cocktails and keep on shaking that ass!

Free entrance.


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