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Dub FX – Romanian tour



Dub FX, the Youtube infamous, Woodstock festival star, globetrotter, and beatbox wiz is back! Triple the excitement, triple the fun, triple the clubs! Alongside loop genius Dub FX we’ll have the mad italian dubstep crew, Numa Crew. And if that’s not enough, Bucharest prepare yo self for some chaos as Bong-Ra is bringing some deep basslines with him also!

Ok. That’s it, these guys don’t need words, they got the music and the right attitude! Rest of details, below.

10.09.2009 CLUJ : 19:00 – Casa Tranzit w/ Dub FX live ; 00:00 – Gazette w/ Numa Crew & Marwan after party (20RON, afterparty included)

11.09.2009 TIMISOARA : 22:00 – Setup Venue w/ Dub FX, Numa Crew, Phoneme, Moondust (15 RON)

12.09.2009 BUCURESTI : 22:00 – Fabrica Club w/ Dub FX, Bong-Ra, Numa Crew, Yuffa & Hardcore (25RON before midnight/30RON after)

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