Manki ‘n’ Stieb – Trippin’ Deep Promo Mix 2009

Hi again! Or high again ?This is how you should really feel after listening to this mix. Here is the more introspective and trippin’ “Manki” side of the Manki ‘n’ Stieb project. Enjoy!


1 Marcie, Damien.S – Love Me And Leave Me feat. Marcie – Onega Rub Remix
2 Nuboy – Nu Funk Stroll (Original Mix)
3 JDS – Freaky
4 Slybeats – Move Your Body
5 Funkanomics – Circle Kid (Just Banks remix)
6 The Crystal Method – Glass Breaker (Force Mass Motion remix)
7 Plastic Shell – Dead End (Estherics Rmx)
8 Santos – Try To Burn (Madox Remix)
9 Amb – Flagpole
10 Devils Cartel – Blow It Up feat. Louise Eksteen (Zooloo And Brotherman Mix)
11 F-Word vs Jamiroquai – Deeper Underground
12 DJ Mutiny – Here I Come
13 Gary Gecko, Pigbwoy – Dskasting feat. Feral – Dogtown Clash Remix
14 Skool Of Thought – Heart Of The Hood (Original Mix)
15 Quadrat Beat – Euphoria (Original Mix)
16 Tiki ft. Julia Deans – Our Favourite Target (Antiform Remix)

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