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Pattie Maes – Sixth Sense


Pattie Maes vorbeste despre un al saselea simt facut posibil datorita tehnologiei.

[…] Now Maes is working on a similarly boundary-breaking initiative. Her newly founded Fluid Interfaces Group, also part of the MIT Media Lab, aims to rethink the ways in which humans and computers interact, partially by redefining both human and computer. In Maes’ world (and really, in all of ours), the computer is no longer a distinct object, but a source of intelligence that’s embedded in our environment. By outfitting ourselves with digital accessories, we can continually learn from (and teach) our surroundings. The uses of this tech — from healthcare to home furnishings, warfare to supermarkets — are powerful and increasingly real.

-via Jackhammer Jesus

3 thoughts on “Pattie Maes – Sixth Sense”

  1. she could not pick any other examples 😕 like toilet paper 😐
    and the commentary about the brain behind the project: I bet his girlfriend is not happy either.
    anyway good idea, change the lame woman

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