Bucharest: A Portrait by Sarah Evans

bucharest a portrait by sarah evans la atelier 35

Galeria Atelier 35 va invita la expozitia Bucharest: A Portrait a artistei Sarah Evans. Expozitia va fi deschisa in perioada 10-25 februarie , iar vernisajul va avea loc Joi 12 Februarie , ora 19:00.
Bucharest, capital of Romania, is a city in rapid transition. In recent years the place has enjoyed an economic boom, which has been accelerated since joining the EU in 2007.

During the Communist period, 1947–1989, hundreds of thousands of people were arbitrarily executed or imprisoned for political, economic and unknown reasons. It is estimated that, in total, the regime directly killed up to two million people. Nicolae Ceausescu was the leader of Romania from 1965 until 1989, when a revolution and coup removed him from power. He and his wife were executed on 25th December, 1989.

This video comprises a series of static shots of the city, which run alongside each other to form a non linear looping narrative. As each shot progresses from day to night, young, professional Bucharestians talk about their feelings and experiences of the city, it’s recent history and their memories of the Communist regime.

Sarah Evans is a British video artist, filmmaker and writer. She also teaches video and photography at London Metropolitan University. Since her first visit to Romania in 2006, Sarah has returned regularly to exhibit her work and develop video pieces that capture the mood of the people and the time. Her film, Bucharest: A Portrait, is currently part of a touring exhibition entitled ‘Responses to Conflict and Loss’. Sarah has an MA in Image and Communication from Goldsmiths College.

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  1. First of all I wish that who ever wrote this PR release would not mix up this “exhibition” which has nothing to do with what the communist regime did TO THE PEOPLE! watz the connection, people?!

    Second, don’t start droping accusations and this absurd numbers about the people who died because of the regime.
    How can you be so sure about 2 million people, or you just had a quick look over the internet about Romania and you thougt adding some numbers …stop manipulating…you’re being PATHETIC!

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