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Aceste whole-caruri celebre marca Seen sunt facute acum aproape 30 de ani si inca ma fascineaza. E vorba de epoca de aur a grafului in State, iar Seen e indiscutabil o legenda. Cititi mai multe despre el pe site-ul lui.

Iata si un inceput al povestii whole-car-ului cu Hicki and Ski:

People have often asked me about the “Hicki & Ski” car. The idea actually came from the N.Y.P.D. Vandal Squad Unit. That’s right -they came to me with the idea!

One day while I was painting a hand ball court in the Bronx, two detectives from the Vandal Squad approached me. I was sure that they were going to give me a hard time about painting the wall but instead, they praised my work! They then continued on to ask me the most peculiar thing; would I like to paint a “Whole Car” dedication piece for Hicki & Ski as a retirement gift. I stood there in disbelief, especially when they said that they would supply the paint and look out.

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