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Saturday 27 SEPTEMBER – 20.00 (premiere)
Sunday 28 SEPTEMBER – 20.00

Reservations: 0753 227 422

When we cope with a difficult situation our pulse is the first to react.
Pulse talks about ancient laws that guide our race through time.
Pulse is the difference between life and death.
Pulse shows the story of a group of people that survive a catastrophy and start the search for a new beginning.

The Berlin based Chilian director Javier Opazo worked for several years studying stage movement in theater and arrived with an incredible energy and presence to create this performance in Bucharest. Javier Opazo Madariaga follows an academical concept of violence in its metaphorical sense and asks fundamental questions of: why, when and where violence arises in the human nature.

You can see a dynamic performance that approaches its theme with aspects of dialectical and movement theatre, which combines text, masks and digital media.

Pulse doesn’t ask moral questions. Pulse doesn’t judge. Pulse puts up the question of the personal quest of each of us for answers.

Actors: Oleg Apostol, Adriana Bordeanu, Adriana Butoi, Petru Ciobanu, Roxana Condurache, Irina Duţă, Clara Flores, Emilia Manea, Juliana Nagy, Cristian Nanculescu, Alexandru Pamfile, Ana Turos, Silviana Vişan.

Directed by: Javier Opazo Madariaga
Production: Fabrica
Coproducer & project manager: Alexandru Mihaescu

Design: www.yazee.ro

The project has been realized with the help of: Embassy of the German Federal Republic, Embassy of the Republic of Chile, CNDB & www.yazee.ro




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