Lansare Aooleu 4



Issue 4 of AOOLEU is out of the closet and parading around town in a pink jump-suit! In our humble opinion, it’s the best yet, featuring lots of funny, shocking and down-right kooky contributions from some new names and old favourites.

To celebrate we’ll be running a launch party on SATURDAY 6th September, at Galeria Galeria (de Bufet), 16:00 hours. Come along, get a free copy and maybe draw us something for Issue 5.

See y’all there!

The Aooleu Secret Brotherhood for World Domination.

6 thoughts on “Lansare Aooleu 4”

  1. Dear “A>I>]”. The correct English formulation is “I kinda’ find it offensive”, not “offending”. The latter formulation, which you employed, has no sense. Best wishes!

  2. It wold be really cool for all you anti-yuppies a.k.a. yuppies-wannabes to use some proper English [grammar rules & vocabulary]
    I kinda’ find it offending to read all these comments & to force myself to read between all the misspelled words + invented English|Romanian expressions.

    And to get back to the main topic of this post – Aooleu is [for me] just a thin pile of paper sheets with unintelligible pictures & content.

  3. finally some people on this city and this list have a opinion!
    Sorry but not all evens is listed here or some different lists have something special except that happen on this city!
    STOP applauding everything come up! and yes this city have too many yuppies … not yes as many as manelisti
    Feeder is really cool and helpful but too many low “arty” events are lately listed here and wow by the people! give as a brake
    Aoooulieu lasa-ma in pace

  4. The concept of Aooleu – A big bul…t made by mediocre yuppies with too much time on their hands; a better product than manele, though. Wonder if their sponsor even sees their crap. You ain’t so fabulous as you think you are, secret brotherhood for world mediocreation.

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