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Anna is a project of a virtual entity that live in the Internet. She was born like the rest of us, she lives like the rest of us, also, has a blog… pretty much like all of us. The project builds a life taking screenshots from other peoples blogs. These life/blog grabs will be added one per day, in one whole year. Anna will have a story then, a life and a place in Internet. The life of Anna will be summarized by meta-tags. A resume of her cycle in the NET. That’s why it’s called tag life. Tags tell you who she is, what she did and what were her interests. Anna could be me. Anna could be you. Today Anna was born. In 365 days, Anna will leave the Web and leave behind her diary, her legacy, her dreams.

They are the new breed of people. The 0 and the 1. Welcome, newborn!


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